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Virtual class

For successful virtual classes
All the members of our team are long-time experts on training and digital world. They have imagined for you a unique offer for successful virtual classes. Our ambition is to help you provide the best live training sessions to your employees or customers.

Why use our virtual classes?

Our tools perfectly fit your training needs

Manage your trainings from A to Z through our Mylivesession Manager platform

Stay focused on the facilitation of your classes. Our services will take care of the rest

Innovate by using a new process and new kinds of programs

Answer a need: shorter trainings, less travels

Organise a virtual class for one or more occasional projects

Our services

Software plateform


Training & Consulting

Support & Assistance

Educational engineering

Administrative management

Do you want to learn more about virtual classes? Our experts will tell you all about it here!

An offer adapted to the size of your projects

Live Session proposes you the perfect solution, depending on the size and specific features of your project, with or without commitment.

Our asset: Mylivesession Manager !

We invented a revolutionary application to help training managers manage their virtual classes efficiently.

With Mylivesession Manager, divide at least by four the time spent to organise your virtual classes.

  • Organisational effectiveness:  Simply and quickly schedule from one to hundreds of sessions

  •  Reliability and time saving: Centralised logitics and process informations for a flawless scheduling
  • Simplicity: Ergonomic interface for easy use and access to classes


Consulting and support

Our experts assist you all along your project. Discover the methodology of our virtual class offer.
Prepare the project
  • Set the framework, schedule and manage the risks
Design of the fast training kit
  • Prepare the tools for the trainers and participants
  • Available equipment
Training/action of trainers and support team
  • Mixed training
  • Preparation of first sessions
Pilot sessions
  • Validation of kit
  • Develop the skills by experience
  • Test the equipment
Deployment and support during training
  • Secure the sessions
  • Guide towards autonomy
  • In the virtual class or remotely
  • Capitalise