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Do you want to add virtual classes to your catalogue, as a global method of training? Do you want to improve your virtual classes, in terms of management and educational engineering? Do you want to focus on the hosting of your events without being disturbed by computer issues and technical problems?
Do you want to respond to a call for tender for virtual classes? Look no further, you are in the right place!
We can propose you THE solutions to create or improve your virtual classes and support you from A to Z.

Virtual classes are now into the heart of the challenges faced by training organisations. Among the digital solutions, this method is the closest to classroom-based trainings and the ideal solution for trainers.

However, the changes imposed by digital solutions are a real challenge for all the protagonists who see their offers, their practices of animation and their organisation totally disrupted.

Our vocation at Live Session is precisely to help all educational professionals through this digital transition while they go on offering the best training solutions to their customers.

How can Live Session help me?
Our experts understand your issues:

Flexible and reliable solution

Reassuring support for trainers

Easy administrative management

Technology at the service of the training

The success of your virtual classes depends on many factors, so our team is here to help you through each phase from the idea, in order to integrate this kind of training in your catalog or improve your offers.

Customer example


  • Respond and win a bid integrating this method and implement the deployment with the expected quality level, even without any experience in virtual classes.


  • Adobe Connect Meeting
  • Hybrid audio conference (classic and VoIP)
  • MyLiveSession Manager


  • Pre-sales support
  • Technical validation with the final customer
  • Training and support for the design of the virtual classes
  • Facilitation training for trainers
  • Production services (logistics, assistance for trainers, user support)