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Large companies

Are you seeking to communicate efficiently to your customers, partners and prospects? Do you regularly train new employees?

At Live Session, our experts manage events every day for large companies or network organisations so they can find appropriate solutions for each of your constraints. This is why we propose live videos to make your communications and training actions easier.

Communications are now very easy thanks to digital technologies and equipment. The simple and fast deployment of our solutions for trainings and live video conferences offers an optimal and without IT constraint access. The protected implementation of your events will offer a perfect service to internal and external worldwide audiences.

Our experts will help you pilot your projects, taking into account your professional characteristics, in order to suit best your needs.

How can Live Session help me?
Our experts understand your issues:

Fast and efficient deployment, without IT constraint

Support throughout the entire project

Adaptation to your business processes

Securing accesses and exchanges

The success of your projects depends on many factors, so our team is here to help you through each phase from the idea, in order to best prepare your employees to this kind of events and help you master the tools.

Customer example


  • Present the road safety rules to nomad sales force


  • Adobe Connect Meeting
  • Hybrid audio conference (classic and VoIP)

  • Adobe Connect Event


  • Project management
  • Support to all protagonists
  • Logistics management and user support
  • Co-hosting of the event
  • Real time assistance during the event


Do you want to know more about it? Find all our videos and follow our live webinars here!
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