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Live Session is specialised in the organisation of video live trainings and digital events. We offer a complete range of technologies and services to answer all your needs regarding these innovative new methods.
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Hosting a virtual class, designing a remote pedagogical kit, organising a webinar or broadcasting a webcast are all complex procedures. To complete these tasks successfully, you need to be an expert on new technologies and have specific skills as well as a flawless organisation. The Live Session’s solutions are implemented by experts in the fields of remote training and communication. Our solutions will be key features for your live video projects !

Succeed in your virtual classes!

Expert of training and digital for many years, our team has devised a unique offer to help you succeed in your virtual classes. Our ambition is that you can offer the best live video training services to your employees or your customers.

Let's build together the webinars of tomorrow!

Looking to animate your club customers, meet new prospects, launch your new products or communicate internally, but the return on investment is often not up to the energy and budgets used to organize them? Do not say more, Live Session to answer your problems. Our webinar solution is the best on the market: innovative, powerful and engaging.

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Our multidisciplinary team is specialised in skills transfer, events management, user support and online live communication solutions.
Since 2007, we have developed our own unique expertise in live videos, industrial production of virtual classes and organisation of digital events.
We are constantly improving our software solutions and customising the business processes for a growing added value.
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Because our success only depends on your own success, our approach is definitely focused on attentive listening, availability and quality to your complete satisfaction.

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